5 unexpectedly awesome things to do in Copenhagen

Wondering if there is more to Copenhagen than Nyhavn and the other main attractions??

Want to get under the skin of the City and see something you can only experience in Copenhagen? 

If so then check out these 5 stimulating things to sprinkle into your trip

1. Swim in the middle of the city

City Bath

There are 3 harbour baths in Copenhagen City centre. They’re located near the Royal Playhouse, Islands Brygge and Havneholmen in Vesterbro

Locals flock to these baths to sunbath, socialise and of course swim. 

The water is clean and regularly tested. The officials will only allow swimming if the water is clean

Google map links to the baths at Royal PlayhouseIslands Brygge and Havneholmen in Vesterbro

2. Eat many Tibirkes, the quintessential Danish pastry


Tebirkes are the classic Danish pastry and rarely seen outside Denmark.

It’s strangely familiar yet unique and is totally addictive. Its closest relative would be a croissant, however it has a delicious semi sweet taste topped with poppy seeds.

It’s very popular, and often sold out. However don’t worry, just ask the baker when the next batch of Tibirkes will be ready for you to buy. You will be rewarded with an unforgettable warm, fluffy, buttery, semi sweet bag of happiness. 

My favourite Tibirkes is from Emmery’s which has several shops in the City. 


3. Freetown Christiania

Freetown Chrisitania

Freetown Christiania is a hippie commune in Copenhagen City where few rules exist. 

Inside you’ll see colourful graffiti covering the buildings. Continue strolling and you’ll find markets with eclectic stores selling unique bags, clothing, jewellery. 

Venture further still and you’ll arrive at the marijuana stands. Here a wide variety of hash can be purchased. People then smoke the marijuana in the nearby lawn or along the river among the forest. 

I felt quite safe exploring during the day. There were plenty of other tourists and everyone there was enjoying themselves. However I wouldn’t recommend going at night as I presume there will be fewer tourists at that time. 


WARNING: Do not take photos of the residents.

Google maps direction to Freetown Christiania


4. Meatpacking District and Istegade


The Meatpacking district and nearby Istegard street is considered the coolest part of Copenhagen.

Historically an industrial neighbourhood serving the meat industry it has now transformed into a magnet for creative people like artists, photographers, film makers,

At the Meatpacking district you will find hip niche bars, innovative restaurants, galleries and organic food stores. 

Then cross over to Istegade where you’ll find Danish design shops as well as cafes, independent fashion stores, cool bars and restaurants. 

Google maps direction to Meat Packing District and Istegade

5. Amager Bakke - Futuristic Waste to Energy powerplant

Amager Bakke
Source: Flickr - Guillaume Baviere

Amager Bakke is the cleanest waste to energy power station in the world. It converts all of Copenhagen’s waste into energy. 

This is part of Copenhagen’s push to becoming carbon neutral. Science buffs can learn how the water emitted from the station is cleaner than what went in. Even the ash from the burning is reused to build roads.  

It’s also an interesting piece of modern architecture that invites people to visit. It has a ski slope and rock climbing facilities. Find out more from their website 

Google Maps direction to Amager Bakke